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Impossible to stay on facebook to talk about licentiousness!

  • Censorship
  • dogmatic morality
  • the single thought
  • The absurdity of the detection of alleged offenses by an alleged technology which is incapable of distinguishing the slightest form of humor and which mistakes a compliment for a sexual assault
  • the aberration of the arbitrary decisions of a self-proclaimed judge of good and evil
  • The crazy injunctions of a so-called standardized community
  • infantile punishments

All that we want no more!

Here is the Ka book, the other tool of the KA project.

You already knew the KA tion app, geolocated and secure, dedicated to meetings and libertine activity, with all its albums, establishments, appointments and events , designed to offer you a new libertine experience.

The Ka book is a more classic social network, for libertines who want to stay in a known environment but also be able to publish freely.

Maybe they will take the plunge and go to the app, or maybe not, but we want to make this communication tool available to the libertine community, which will remain offered.

You can register on one or the other, the best is on both.




It is the heart of the network, the collective wall where everyone publishes their news, their proposals, what they have just want to tell the community.


You can like, comment, reply to comments, like on the other in fact, but without fear of being lectured let alone get blocked or banned! That time is over!



A background image, a profile picture, some description elements... does that remind you of anything?


Not always very complete, but that's a universal problem! Some think they have good reasons, others don't care, but in the end, an empty profile is like an empty candy bag. We put it in the trash and we move on to the next ...


Warning, the KA book is not the app! here, no specific characteristics, no search by criteria, but rather profiles to explore in search of adventure. If you want an accurate multi-criteria search, you know where to go!


KA project groups
the other groups of the KA project


You will find:
  • Thematic groups
  • Our partners' mailing groups
  • Some extra libertine groups to evoke other pleasures
  • And of course the famous group KA LADIES, which you will find here Mesdames in its totally liberated version

All of these groups have their own wall and each is associated with a group chat.

Small tip: reserve discussion groups for technical developments or rapid exchanges, but for presentations, general inquiries, beautiful images, prefer the wall.


For now, we have chosen not to allow the creation of groups other than those proposed . If you need to create others, don't hesitate to ask us, but don't forget that on the app, the creation of groups is free!




In the name of the principles of freedom, responsibility, respect, benevolence and openness that guide the libertine, we will apply the following rules:
  • We do not intervene in interpersonal conflicts, assuming that everyone is an adult here, and we ask people engaged in such conflicts not to import them here
  • We will remove comments showing actual and unequivocal verbal abuse
  • We will remove posts claiming that this or that account is a fake account (if in doubt, please treat the subject privately)
  • We will remove posts with phone numbers or addresses (there is no evidence that they are not someone else's contact information)
  • We will ask you to respect the themes of the groups. Off-topic posts will eventually be deleted. It's not a sanction, it's organization!
  • A group will be reserved for trashy pornographic posts. So for those who still think that the photo of their erect penis posted in the morning between coffee and two sandwiches will make you dream, please post them only in this group. Elsewhere, they will be deleted (unless there is a specific context), and if you insist, your account will be deleted.
  • We are not here to punish or lecture. There are therefore no infantilizing sanctions as with some others (longer or shorter blocking depending on whether you have been more or less naughty). On the other hand, the account of those who mess with us too often will be closed, simply because we do not want to be polluted by people who do not respect our values ​​or our lifestyles.
  • We have no bogus standards, no violations (let alone 'technology' to detect them), and if a problem arises, we talk about it!
  • We can talk about everything, even the competitors (well, we're not going to give them too much ointment either), and those who are bothered can go back to where you know! ;-)
For the rest, live your life, enjoy it while it lasts, take advantage of the ka book and the app and meet great people. (and you can even talk about wyylde if you want, although they don't accept the reciprocal!)


You've come this far! bravo for your motivation!

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