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Charter and General Conditions of Use of the site
and of the application

Presentation of the

The is a geolocated social network for adults who enjoy recreational sex. It is open to anyone of legal age.


We do not recognize the right to lecture anyone. Everyone is free to be what they are and everyone is responsible for the happy or unhappy consequences of their attitude, actions and words.

We will simply recall a few rules of use, which can serve as a guide for those who join our community without yet knowing the codes.

Rules of use

These rules are organized around three main pillars, which constitute our first guideline.


Everyone is free in their sexuality

Everyone is free to choose their partner choice criteria

Everyone is free to propose, as long as they do so with tact and elegance.

Everyone is free to refuse the proposal, provided they do so with correction


It’s a consequence of everyone’s freedom

Everyone respects the choices of the other

Everyone respects the refusal that is opposed to them without being offended

Everyone here is respectable

Exchanges of messages remain courteous and polite, insults (unsolicited) are obviously to be banned.


What happens here, stays here

What happens in a party, stays in the party

What happens between two or more people stays between them.

These three pillars make it possible to build a space of trust where encounters are a source of pleasure and fulfillment.

What will happen to those who do not respect these basic principles?

Only unpleasant things: reduced probability of encounter, blocking, bad reputation, and if the situation becomes critical, contact by our moderators with the person concerned, then can be deletion of the account and in the most serious cases, complaint lodged by potential victims of harassment or other. Let's not dwell on the subject, the idea is that it does not happen so that everyone can make the most of this space that we have built for you.

The second thread running through our interactions is the legal and regulatory framework.

Regulatory framework

Harassment is illegal, defamation is illegal, image theft is illegal, as well as impersonation and surely a whole bunch of other things that we generally don't do, but that some , often under the influence of emotion, sometimes because they are not aware of having crossed the limit, and alas sometimes also because they have nothing to do here, do not allow themselves to not imagining that the virtual world is also subject to laws and rules.

We must therefore remember this and remember that all of this may give rise to the filing of a complaint by the victims, which we could possibly join if the circumstances are right.

A few specific points are worth dwelling on for a moment:

Protection of minors

We remind you that it is forbidden to make this site known to minors. We put in place various tools which make it possible to ensure, directly or indirectly, that all account holders on the are adults (this is one of the reasons in particular for which we ask you for a number other measures and other tools will soon be added to our “arsenal” in this area.

Take part in this protection by notifying us of any suspicious profile in this respect and also by avoiding presenting pornographic images on your profile sheets or your public albums (statistics prove that this type of image has no no positive impact on the probability of encounter, quite the contrary).

Unfortunately, we have to address the second aspect of the protection of minors. It is very rare that this phenomenon emerges in the libertine milieu, which, no offense to some, is rather made up of balanced and healthy people, but we must mention pedophilia and child pornography .

You can modify their distribution or delete them at any time by using the interfaces made available to you on the site. In the absence of intervention on your part (deletion), we only keep these images for the duration of the existence of your account on the site


  1. We collect your e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for the purposes of computer security and the protection of users of the site as well as to enable us to communicate with you on subjects relating to developments or to the use of the site .
    These data are necessary for the establishment and maintenance of our contractual relationship, which is therefore the legal basis for the processing, according to the provisions of article 6, paragraph 1.b of the European regulation on the protection of personal data (RGPD).
    You can refuse to communicate them to us, but we would then be forced to end our contractual relationship.
    These data are intended for our sales department, our communication department and our IT department.
    They are kept as long as our contractual relationship lasts and are deleted as soon as it ends.
    You can exercise your right of access and of rectification by making a request by e-mail to the address:
  2. We collect your first names, ages, physical description, sexual orientation and practices, images allowing you to be identified in order to allow you to present them on your profile cards, albums, galleries and to interact with other users of the site [ [++site_name.
    These data are also intended for our IT department for maintenance and legal compliance control purposes.
    They are collected on your initiative and stored as you present them, without we cannot control their accuracy, for the duration of our contractual relationship, or until you decide to delete them yourself.
    The legal basis for this collection and processing is your consent, in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1.a of the European regulation relating to the processing of personal data (RGPD).
    You can delete or modify this data at any time by using the interfaces made available to you for this purpose. disposal by site
  3. We collect your GPS coordinates during your connection sessions to the site , in order to allow you to distribute them on the site and to interact with other users of the site .
    They are collected on your initiative and the legal basis for this collection and the resulting processing is therefore your consent, in accordance with article 6, paragraph 1.a of the European regulation relating to the processing of personal data (RGPD ) . You can control their distribution at any time, by making them imprecise or by freezing them at a point unrelated to your real position.
    They are never stored and only pass through our servers for the time necessary for their formatting and rebroadcasting, this time being of the order of a few seconds at most.
    No one, apart from the automatic formatting and rebroadcasting process, is the recipient.
    They are only accessible to other connected users of the site and the
  4. For any question relating to the collection or processing of personal data concerning you, to exercise your rights of access, rectification and erasure, you can send a request by e-mail to the address:
  5. The data controller is the company D2C développement.