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The logos marked Ka correspond to our partners who offer specific commercial gestures or benefits to members of the Ka project

Furthermore, do not see any preference in the order of the presentations, it is by the size of the texts that the layout is done, in order to preserve a certain balance.




We are pleased to present to you Anne Arroyo and her superb creations, who have done us the kindness and the honor of establishing this partnership with us.

Find all his creations on and of course in his shop in Cap d'Agde.

home image S Club in Lombers 81


The S Club is located in LOMBERS, in the Tarn

It is the work of Philippe NOTARIO, who left his mark on the establishment.

A warm welcome and above all an extraordinary openness mark the stay at the S Club.

When you're there, you don't want to leave and when you're not there, you just want to; go back.

Add to that beautiful spa equipment, an outdoor garden, a high-performance DJ, numerous playgrounds and a well-stocked bar and you will understand why we are very proud of this partnership.

When the Ka project was launched, we wrote to many establishments. The S Club was the first to respond to us and register as a professional.

It is therefore very logical that we produced our first KA project evening at the S Club, an evening which was... memorable


To join the S Club

+337 69 72 95 37


image home Riad 5 - Libertine Federation in Cap d'Agde


Riad 5 is both a club and a place of accommodation in Cap d'Agde.

If three words were needed to define it: professionalism, kindness, top of the range

Michel, Tanya, Alicia, Anthony and Fabien offer you an idyllic stay and unforgettable evenings.

In addition to accommodation within the Riad, you can also access through them seasonal rentals throughout the village.

It's a bit like the heart HQ of the KA project, our first support and the first establishment to welcome us. You won't forget!

It was there that the KA project was officially launched, on the anniversary of Riad 5.

Outside the summer season, the Riad and the KA project organize Kap d'Agde evenings at some of our partners.


To join Riad 5 and the Libertine Federation

+336 03 08 06 05

image of Lollipop, sex shop in Papeete, Tahiti


The Lollipop Tahiti is a sex shop, located ... in Tahiti! There are original and good quality products and accessories, but it's a little more than that.

We got to know Rosan when new members of the KA Project swinger community appeared on the map in Tahiti. We found it constructive to work together. He has his own dating site, the fenuahotspot, but we do not enter him and us into a logic of competition for all that. We are also studying the possibility of combining our accesses so that everyone can benefit from the best of both solutions.

We bring the advantages of secure geolocation, while offering a much appreciated local touch. A social network approach on one side, a dating site touch on the other. No doubt, the synergies are there.

In any case, we are totally in agreement on the desire to offer libertines tools to strengthen ties and encourage encounters, in complete discretion, so that everyone can fully flourish in this world.


We were chatting together recently (a bit complicated with a 12-hour jet lag) and noted the great happiness that there was to spend the weekend between the ocean, the surf and the beach, then delicious evenings libertines.

Happy Polynesian libertines, that this partnership allows us to further strengthen this way of life is all we wish!

To join the Lollipop Tahiti

+689 89 54 54 26


poster erotic show in Albi, eroticshows

EROTIC SHOWS - Erotic show in Albi

Eric, the creator of the Albi eroticism fair, founder of the French branch of Erotic shows, has long been a professional at fairs and other libertine events.

Our first meeting followed a telephone exchange during which the convergences of our visions of licentiousness clearly emerged.

Here we are, traveling nearly 300 km each to find ourselves at the midpoint between our two homes.

The result was this partnership, based on shared values, converging objectives and a strong personal identity.

There is no doubt that the show will be a success and other projects will follow which we are already considering.

To join Erotic shows

+337 82 44 53 33

+336 67 57 61 44


image libertine shades, libertine jewelry


Nuances libertines is a designer of libertine jewelry allowing you to discreetly display your desires and orientations.

Anklets, rings, earrings and other bracelets or necklaces announce the color according to the symbols worn.

swinger, bab, sissy and many other variations are available.

Nuances libertines offers a preferential rate to members of the KA project.

To benefit from it, just go to the shop page on the KA project and find out about the discount code reserved for us.


carnal odyssey image, studio rental in cap d'agde


Odyssee Charnelle ... a name full of promise. Promises that will be kept by a studio offered for seasonal rental in the heart of the summer libertine activities of Cap d'Agde.

More than a studio, there are also various services that are offered, which you can discover by contacting our partner.

As part of this partnership, Odyssee Charnelle offers a preferential rate to members of the KA project (after validation of their presence on the network of course).

Don't hesitate to contact them, they are very friendly and take advantage of your stay to meet great people.


+336 62 01 56 48

+336 74 89 72 38




image xstyle, fashion boutique in cap d'agde


How do you introduce yourself to X style? Quite simply, we fell in love with their clothing collection.

What if there were only clothes! But everything is beautiful, everything is splendid, the boots, the shoes, the accessories. Well, you will have understood, we fell in love with the place.

So here we are in the shop, one afternoon in June, in Cap d'Agde, even though the Ka project had not officially launched. One thing leading to another we talk about the project, and the same evening X Style was registered as a professional and distributed our flyers.

A partnership concluded in a few minutes with an artist of fashion and beautiful outfits, who supported us like a few others from the start. May he be thanked here.


+336 95 69 77 98






Logo Cap Folly swinger club


The must-see place in the region.

Splendid facilities, two floors, one in balneotherapy, the other in club

An atmosphere of ... Folly !!

And a warm welcome from Franck and Zephy!!

Besides, at the cape, the rules are the rules... so you're sure to only meet people who follow the rules.

That's respect for the customer!

A partner with whom we share many values ​​and with whom we are very proud to work.


To contact Le Cap Folly




Cap Folly




the Bali - libertine club in Saint Andiols


The Bali, just the name already propels you very far. Memories for those who travel, dreams for those who may one day go...

The Bali is an extraordinary decoration, varied volumes for balneotherapy, dancing, drinking, getting to know each other, deepening your knowledge...

It is also a large exterior with swimming pool

It's above all a warm welcome and lively evenings.

In short, we fell in love and we are happy with this new partnership.


To reach Le Bali

5 craft area of ​​La Crau - 13670 SAINT ANDIOL






Yannou, and his partner and model Laetitia. Real friends of the KA project and real friends at all.

This boy is not afraid of anything. With him, everything is possible, he meets all photographic challenges with talent and elegance. From a word, he makes an idea, from an idea, he makes a work of art.

Both are exquisitely kind and very simple. It is characteristic of people of real talent ... In short, we love them.

Go visit his site, you will see that we are not talking about a friend who takes pictures, but a photographer, a real one! .


To reach Yannou

look for him on the internet...he likes to keep a low profile!





La Bohemia,

Already, the name takes us on a journey. With the sea as our horizon, we indulge in relaxation and freedom.

Freedom to be what you are, to dress as you wish or not to dress at all to savor the dishes offered by David and his team.

It's rare enough to be reported: we're dealing with professionals. They love their job, as they love their clients. Generosity is not just a display. You can see it in the dishes, of course, but we saw it in the welcome we received when we presented the project.

Thanks David!


To contact La Bohemia

+33 6 60 68 09 67