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Project-Ka is the intention to unite a libertine community around a liberated social network, based on a geolocated, fun, secure and

adults only, regardless of gender and orientation

provided they are free of spirit and morals...

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You are already thousands to follow us on classic social networks and take advantage of the application to meet new swingers, let those around you know you are in...share this tip with your friends...

Otherwise, be one of the pioneers!

  Enjoy free the first libertine social network without censorship, in early access  with all the functions activated We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

Libertines, this network is yours

Be actors and actresses of your social network by offering us the functions or adaptations that seem necessary to you.

Out of the censorship of public social networks, live in complete freedom, discover the clubs, saunas, specialized shops and other playful places, find out about evenings, mark "spots", organize meetings, discuss freely with your friends, organize events, thanks to geolocation, you will be able to see instantly where the swingers are around you.


With Project-Ka, meet great people...