January 9, 2023


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The advantage of leaving for work early when you take public transport is that it is a little quieter there than at rush hour and this is particularly the case on the route I take , especially during school holidays.

I only met half a dozen people on the metro train that I took and, when I arrived to take a cabin of the urban cable car, there was only me on the platform.

It's a little chilly this season, but the temptation to take a few shots with the city lights below quickly took over in order to share them on my social networks.

Exit then, the sweater and the t-shirt in order to immortalize my torso in but that was not enough for me.

I know very well how long it takes to get to the middle station and after a quick calculation it turned out that if the timing was tight I had time for a full nude.

Which act.

My pants and boxers joined the top of my outfit on the bench seat and I began to contort myself to find the best angles of view for my body and the background while mentally counting not to find myself caught off guard, which almost happened to me because I barely had time to get dressed, without however being able to put my coat back on, before seeing that someone was waiting on the platform. A couple in this case, she in her forties, wrapped in a long down jacket that barely allowed me to imagine her body and him, a little older and rather athletic in a fitted jacket. We greeted each other, them with a friendly smile, me a little flushed and out of breath.

Did they guess what I just did? In any case, their gaze became a little more conspiratorial and the man came to ask me if it didn't bother me if they got comfortable. I told them no and I very quickly understood what their request consisted of. When the woman took off her mateau, I saw that she was only wearing stockings and she began to take lascivious poses under the instructions of her companion. They seemed much more relaxed than me, maybe they were more accustomed to the fact, and their ride excited me a lot without me daring to disturb them. The fact that I was a voyeur obviously suited them and that was fine. There were about two minutes left before the finish when he pulled out his cock and, with quick flicks of his wrist, sprayed his partner's chest before spreading it with his glans like a paintbrush. They then quickly adjusted. I was still as red as when they arrived and I was hard in my pants.

— You seem to have enjoyed the show, especially since, if I'm not mistaken, you played much the same game as us before we went up. See you next time certainly, we often come from these hours, it's interesting these empty cabins for the most part.

They greeted me and disappeared into the night. How did they know? I discovered it when I arrived at my still deserted workplace, after going to the bathroom to wash my hands, when I saw in the mirror that the V of my sweater was in my back.

😉😅😂🤣 aha..tel est pris, celui qui croyait prendre...
J'adore la fin ! Le col V dans le dos est juste génial !
Merci pour ce bon moment c'est comme j'y été...
À très vite pour d'autres aventures !
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