November 10, 2022

RIAD - Cap d'Agde

riad - cap d'agde

While at the entrance watch the impassive protectors of these places which are only open to insiders, under the galleries with multiple pillars, in the corridors, on the stairs, the libertines circulate.

Elegance of outfits, glances, brushings, ephemeral contacts when the walls tighten. From the sauna to the hammam, from the alcoves to the terraces, the tension is high and the desires are overflowing.

On the track, the heat rises, at the same time as a carpet of dense smoke rises through which the colored lasers pierce. A strange creature, shining with a thousand lights, comes alive on the bar, hypnotizing the assembly with its lascivious and airy poses; another undulates and shivers, in a trance, imbued with the deep vibrations that flow from the speakers in torrents of sound

At the bar, bottles and glasses twirl around, cocktails take on improbable colors, glasses line up and sometimes catch fire.

In a corner, on a sofa, champagne streams over a body, where thirsty men and women drink.

In a room with a half-open door we see tangled legs, bodies embracing and overlapping.

Further away, covering the music muffled by the heavy velvet curtains, moans rise, rise and settle in a high note that lasts in a moment of eternity .

The red is on, the Riad ignites and tomorrow, it will be one more memory, buried in the secret memory of those who were there.

Tanya, Michel, Antho, Alicia, Fabien … thank you

Merci pour ce texte qui le temps d'un instant nous emmène dans le temple des plaisirs et des soupirs.
Très jolie texte qui représente bien un club libertin dans l'élégance , vivement de découvrir le RIAD au Cap d'Agde ça donne envie de pousser la porte et de découvrir tout cela, dans une belle tenue.
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