January 31, 2023

Internet cafe

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When I was a student in the mid-2000s, I often hung out in a cyber café in Aix en Provence. I spent time there to work, play online games and chat on caramail (yes the real ones know ;))

I met a lot of girls via this chat and we often met in front of my cyber. The latter was held by a couple in their forties. I sympathized a lot with the boss who wanted me to tell him when my evenings were going on with my dates... especially since the majority, he saw them going through his cyber café. His wife was more discreet but always smiling.

One evening, I was flirting with a girl on caramail, so far, nothing abnormal... except that we started to warm up via the chat in mode "we don't know each other and we may never see each other "

At the turn of my conversion, she tells me that she is in a cyber café... I tell her too. There she stops answering, then I see in the cyber a very cute student who checks the screens... then, she approaches, she asks me if my nickname was good ***** I tell her yes pointing to my screen with a big smile. A little embarrassed at the start, we'll have a drink, offered by the boss 😉

Nevertheless, we were white-hot by our exchanges... and we quickly jumped on each other, kissing greedily, even starting to caress.

We couldn't wait so I discreetly dragged her to the bathroom which was in the basement... There we exploded. she jumped on me, I took off her panties and slipped my head under her skirt to eat her and finger her... she quickly came. After that she made me sit on the toilet to suck me greedily... such an innocent face with a cock in her mouth it was very exciting. Then she impaled herself on me to ride. my hands on the pelvis I began to move her back and forth at her hips... she started to enjoy again... Wanting to finish in a rather bestial way, I positioned her for doggy style and I exploded inside her.

But a few seconds later, I heard a voice behind the bathroom door. It was the boss's wife who asked me out. She gave us a slightly moralizing look with a small smirk.

I came home ashamed but with my little student to finish the evening at home.

It took me a few days before going back to the cyber and when I set foot there again, the boss kept me well-roomed for several more days lol

One evening, after a big gaming night, I was having coffee with the boss and his wife before closing time. He put the story of the toilets on the carpet but in a more serious way. we were alone, only the three of us. he tells me that his wife told him the whole scene... I didn't understand and I took a few seconds to tilt. In fact she had watched or overheard us all along and she had waited for us to finish to grill us.

He confessed to me that she had caressed herself while thinking about this story and asked me if it had been his wife, if I would have taken him down to the toilet too?

I didn't think about it and answered a big "yes of course!"

There, he smiled, turned to his wife who was smiling at me and who was starting to lower the store's blind..."What do you think, Cathy?"

She didn't answer her husband. She finished lowering the blind, approached me and began to kiss me greedily.

I looked surprised at her husband who smiled and began to settle behind the counter.

Cathy was a pretty blonde, around 40 years old, with very nice shape, green brown eyes, breasts neither too big nor too small and beautiful generous buttocks.

I undid her white shirt and her jeans to leave her in her underwear, a little thong and a very nice bra. which I also removed. I take her breasts to kiss them, nibble them, lick them. My hand also began to go down between her thighs to play a little with her clit, then I installed her on one of the chairs in the cyber cafe, spread her thighs to lick her, suck her clit, penetrate her with my fingers... my tongue moving back and forth between her anus and her vagina.

Her husband did not miss a beat, he gave me some advice on what she liked.

After a few minutes, she started to cum and cried loudly to end up with her face and fingers soaked. My first squirting wife and damn it's good.

After having had her orgasm, she got up, settled me in her place... then she took out my cock to suck it greedily... a very slobbery blowjob with her tongue sneaking everywhere... even towards my anus... how good it was. She slipped a finger in my ass, which increased my desire tenfold... I kept growing in her throat. After a few minutes like this, she got up and came to impale herself on my cock stiff and hard as ever. She engulfed his cock to the hilt tapping deep inside her vagina. She began to moan and ride me like never before, fucking me like I had never been fucked. At the same time, I took care of her breasts which swayed in front of my face. I went back to licking and sucking them.

I looked at the hubby who had pulled out his cock and was masturbating while I was fucking his wife...Damn that was exciting.

After several minutes, Cathy flooded my cock and my pelvis with her juice... her orgasm was even more powerful and abundant than the first.

She got up and she wanted me to cum in her mouth like with the little youngster... she took me back in her throat and I was soon to cum... my sperm exploded in front of her face. She got up with still a little of my sperm on her face and she went to get on all fours in front of her husband to suck him too with my sperm on his mouth. She sucked very vigorously, her whole body swaying. From my chair, I watched this spectacle which excited me more and more, seeing her buttocks go back and forth while she was sucking it made me become very stiff and hard again quickly. I was so turned on...the husband saw that I was stiff again and invited me to take her to her feet while she sucked him off. Cathy said nothing, her mouth too full to say anything but with one hand she spread her buttocks a little inviting me to fill her.

I didn't need to be asked and I took her doggy style gently at first, in accordance with her movement in accordance with her fellatio that she was giving to her husband...

then I started going faster and faster, until I was fucking her wildly, slapping her buttocks and squeezing her hips with my hands to penetrate her as deep as possible. I heard her cumming with her husband's cock in her throat... Damn it! how excited I was. Finally, I felt her come under my onslaught, her juices flowing down my penis and my thighs... her husband, feeling her moans on his cock, came in her throat and I think that at the same time I flooded her vagina of my cum....but even after cumming i kept pounding her, i was like in a trance...i fucked her as hard as possible and she cum a second time before we got together collapse on the ground...

That night, in this cyber cafe, we fucked Cathy until morning and it was my second long relationship with a couple.

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