January 16, 2023

hen party

illustration blog KA project bachelorette party

We were four inseparable friends and, to spice up the bachelorette party a little, we decided to go to a libertine club, a novelty for, stronger for joking than for acting.

One of us, Carrie, a reserved, shy and somewhat mysterious girl, to the point that even us, her friends, sometimes found her strange, who only thought about her professional life and had never spoken to us about men a taboo subject, didn't say a word when we were, for the others, all excited to find ourselves there, even if we didn't really know what to expect.

The evening was going very well, we were dancing like teenagers going out for the first time, until the moment when five boys, obviously single, asked us if they could offer a glass of such charming young ladies. We accepted almost in unison, Carrie was still a little apart. There was in the batch a man a little proud and sure of him as for the sexual practices. Carrie listened without saying a word.

Until that time in the evening when she asked him to offer her a glass of pure rum, just with a little ice.

Of course, but what would I get in return?

You will come with me in one of the alcoves

Yes my bitch.

He was really arrogant but our friend put down her drink and took him by the hand almost tenderly in front of our eyes and our surprise increased when she led him straight to the BDSM corner before laying him down and starting to tie it up. The music was not very loud and we could hear them

What is your biggest fantasy?

Fuck you my bitch!

Amazed, we saw Carrie open her bag and take out a very large dildo on which she carefully unrolled a condom. His gaze had changed, it was darker, brighter

I'm going to fuck you honey, and you're going to like it.

She slammed into him. He begged her several times to stop but she continued even more, until they arrived in a state of extreme enjoyment. This lasted a little while. The man no longer called her a slut or a whore but blew deeply, eyes closed, while Carrie moved back and forth in her ass

After a while, she withdrew and came to present her artificial sex in front of his man's mouth.

Get the condom back or I'll continue. But maybe that's what you want.

He didn't answer but took the latex between his teeth, subdued. There was a semen stain under him.

It's good huh? The next time you approach a woman, think twice before bragging.

Carrie got out and went to her victim's comrades to ask them to untie him. We were amazed. Carrie came back to sit with us

These gentlemen should never stop at appearances. Sometimes you have to be careful with reserved and discreet women.

And she finishes her glass bottoms up.

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