January 30, 2023

The cure

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The day had started well and there was nothing to predict it, but the facts are there: a horrible migraine crushes my temples and, after feverishly searching the drawers of my desk, I have to face the facts, I no longer have the slightest pill to relieve myself. To make matters worse, my colleagues are who are on vacation, who telecommute when they are not in a meeting and I have no one to provide me with the slightest relief.

I tell myself that this afternoon is going to be long when I receive an email that I find myself hoping will be life-saving. The girl at the reception has just received a package for us and, knowing her sense of organization, I tell myself that she must have some Doliprane in a medicine box.

Laure must also be very hot behind her counter if I believe her outfit when I arrive. She's usually just a truncated woman but I can clearly see when she gets up to grab it that the spaghetti strap tank top and shorts she's wearing are just there to give her the bare minimum of decency. I like Laure, she's nice and I have to admit that big guys like her have never left me indifferent. The pain does not manage to make me forget that I find her very desirable like this, especially when I notice the drop of sweat that comes from the base of her neck and comes to die in her cleavage.

  • Can you sign off?
  • Oh sorry, my head was elsewhere, I have it in a vice. Do you have anything that can make this happen?
  • I have paracetamol but I'll tell you one thing: I have a remedy that is passed down from mother to daughter in my family and, if you want, I can give it to you.
  • Anything, I'll accept it if it works.
  • Nobody ever complained about it. Follow me.

She leads me after her into an empty room not far from the entrance hall. There reigns a soft penumbra which makes me feel good. She invites me to sit down and stands behind me

  • It's based on massages, close your eyes and let yourself go.

I follow his advice and soon I feel his fingers pass over the base of my neck before slowly moving up.

  • I feel there is something indeed. Wait!

It's something much warmer, moister and softer than his hands that now wraps around my neck. I think I know what it's all about but I dare not ask him if I'm in his groove. She continues her massage a few minutes before stopping. I have a little less headache but, above all, I have a hard-on to make my fly explode.

  • The evil is lower and I must attack its root. Keep your eyes closed but get up very slowly.

I'm barely up when I feel her attacking my fly and pulling out my cock. It is then this wonderful feeling of envelopment that I find but around my cock. The caress of her breasts is soft and, little by little, the fog of the migraine dissipates. I thank her for it but she cuts me off.

  • It's not over yet, let yourself go.

I obey and, very quickly, a tongue of fire starts from my kidneys and goes up to my glans.

  • I'm going to enjoy Laure.
  • That's what I expect, that's how we root out evil.

I can't help but open my eyes when I feel the first jet leaving and I see it crashing on Laure's opulent breasts, who has stripped down to take care of me , followed by the rest of my ejaculation that she spreads on her skin using my glans as if she were handling a paintbrush. It was then that I realized that I was no longer in pain at all. It is absolutely prodigious. And I tell him.

  • There is a saying in my house that says: "for all evils, orgasm is the best of charms". I leave you now, I'll rinse a little. Glad to know it worked for you. Come back when you need it

She just puts on her shorts and disappears, bareheaded, down the halls. I can't wait to suffer again to ask him how this family secret is transmitted.

Magnifique🙏, j'adore lire les histoires de mon ami😊, moi je peux te procurer du dolipran 😂😂😂
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