February 14, 2023


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It's early August and the least we can say is that there are no crowds in my company's premises. The activity is also slowing down and I take advantage of having a little free time to visit other departments than mine to maintain the cohesion of the box. Today I decided to have coffee with the R&D people. Their interactions with finance are reduced to claiming additional lines of credit and I think maybe we need to show them that we are not a bogeyman who is filibustering.

There is no one when I arrive, except for Sophie, one of the managers of the service whom I know well but I had not seen for a long time because of maternity leave.

I find that the pregnancy has done her a lot of good because I have the impression that she is radiant and her curves have rounded out in a way that I find delicious. I just tell her the first point but my eyes must betray my opinion on the second because she points out to me laughing that I hardly seem to listen to her stories of trying nights with baby. I apologize for that.

- What is unfortunate, however, is that since I became pregnant, I feel like I have become sacred ground. My husband no longer dares to touch me. However, I have desires but he no longer responds to them. Have I changed so much?

She put her hand on mine as she asked me that question and her eyes grew almost imploring. I try to reassure her while refraining from telling her that she is perfectly desirable, but the subject ends up coming up

- But you, would you like me? Please don't beat around the bush and tell me straight. I can hear everything, especially from you and I can see your eyes on me.

- I really like you, Sophie, and I think motherhood has made you even more desirable than before.

Alea jacta est. I was a little worried that my statement would shock her a little but that was not the case, quite the contrary. Her gaze becomes blurred and she walks towards me with her mouth half open.

- Thank you for your frankness but I need more tangible things now. Kiss me!

His lust seems to have taken over the whole room and I can't resist the temptation. My lips stick to his, which open, and our languages ​​meet, our saliva mix. We remain entwined like this for a moment. Then she steps back, takes me by the hand and leads me into a meeting room.

- I want you so much, come on!

As soon as we have closed the door behind us, we fiercely tie our clothes together, which end up forming a heap on the floor as we stare at each other in our nakedness.

- You are so beautiful…

- You're so hard, I want you to put it on me...

She lies down on one of the tables and spreads her legs wide. Her penis, adorned with a pretty blond fleece, shines with her desire.

- Can I taste you first?

- As long as I can do it too.

I sit upside down on top of her and bury my face between her thighs as she sucks me in. We moan in unison as our pleasure mounts and soon we come to the point of no return. So I quickly withdraw from her mouth, wait a few moments for the tension in my loins to drop a little, and come and present my glans against her nymphs.

- Is that what you wanted?

- You could have cum in my mouth, I like it too, but you're right, you have to give my pussy what it needs.

I sink into her with a determined thrust and she lets out a deep sigh.

- It's so good! Go hard now!

I don't have to be asked to come and go at my full length without forgetting to alternate the rhythms of my penetrations and, very quickly, we go crazy, exchanging incredibly crude words. Finally comes the moment when, unable to hold back any longer, I tell him that I'm going to explode.

- Shower me with your juice!

I come to position myself next to her and drop everything. Long spurts of cum smear her belly and her breasts, which she spreads over her skin. She then grabs a sheet of paperboard that is in the room, wipes it summarily with it and comes to kiss me

- Thank you! But I think I'm going to need regular proof to be fully reassured.

I promise him my support and we get dressed. When we go out, we see the employees going about their business but there is a strange silence. That's when we notice the poster that has been posted next to the door...

Tiens ça me rappelle de vague souvenirs cette petite nouvelle ..
Bonjour Roger habitant castanettolosan cherche femmecouplume hommstrio suit bi 70 ans jeune laisfait pas yeux bleu bisou atous
C’est tellement vrai qu’une femme de sent moins désirable après une grossesse… belle nouvelle !
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