November 14, 2022

The swing

swing for erotic games

Suspended from a ring in the ceiling, it imposes itself under halos of red lights.

I sit on it. Head in the void. Feet armed with stiletto heels, wedged and at the right height, I'm ready.

A man has just observed my installation. Our eyes meet.

He takes a step. I smile. The green light is given. He approaches. I smell its woody scent. The warmth of his hands.

His breath is short. His breath is minty. My body quivers.

He blindfolds me. My spirit escapes into submerged worlds.

My stomach is rocking. The pleasure intensifies under the movements of the swing. I'm on a boat on a stormy sea. I'm losing the North.

I seek the earth, the sky. I wander and find long and exhilarating swings.

The waves are getting bigger. They go. They come.

The swell envelops me.

I cling to the mast of the ship. The sail is torn.

I finally give in.

Encircled by the surf, my beleaguered body surrenders, carrying with me the final wave of a peaceful Poseidon.

Très beau texte qui vogue sur les flots du plaisir... au milieu du va et vient des vagues la balançoire se transforme en catamaran décollant à chaque vague , l'emportant vers les cieux dans une ultime trace d'écume blanche....
Je vous remercie SKD.
La balançoire est une très belle installation. Il ne vous reste plus qu'à bien vous installer dessus, les vagues et Poseidon. 😉
Très jolie histoire, donne envie de s'évader sur cette balançoire, des sensations à découvrir.
Bravo à vous Sarah...
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