Submissive and rebellious, a symphony for three

symphony for three

An evening in the Club, a look between the three of us, a spark, an emotional shock and she leaves accompanied, sad and beautiful.

Life is facetious, or determined and our paths cross again never to separate.

Long evenings of discussion, a marvel of technology that brings distant souls together.

The meeting, which of course was not at all in accordance with the program (we meet there, we get to know each other, we see, …) spiel that all that, barely 4 minutes and we saw …

We saw that … nothing in fact, just obvious.

We see each other again, we look for each other, we adjust, we formalize, a long period of each at home for professional and family reasons,

We go out together, in town and in bed, vertically and horizontally, whenever we can, or whenever we want...

And one day we switch

We live in three, us and her, she and us, them and me, in short, in three.

By the way, if you fantasize about this trio of life, male friend, think carefully and remember that at some point, you will be confronted with this "they and me"...




With us, between us, she chooses the necklace. Submissive and deliciously rebellious.

Submitted, she left the yoke of another to submit to us, but from this submission emerges the butterfly. She discovers herself, knows herself, explores her limits, thanks her Master for these sublime discoveries, who thanks her himself, moved by this ultimate confidence, this abandonment, sometimes bending under the weight of her responsibility.

Rebelle, Mademoiselle sous le collier, Karol the rest of the time, and many other people depending on our games and our feelings

She sometimes leaves us, taking flight to explore the world, then returns to the nest, we gather under the duvet to listen to her latest adventures.

Pleasure of bodies reuniting. Hearts and souls were never separated.




She has just returned her necklace, no doubt fulfilled now and will henceforth be Karol forever;

Ten years that it lasts, ten years of shared happiness, ten years of complicity, of friendships, of love also without doubt, but of a libertine love, which flourishes from the pleasure of the other, without possession or constraints other than those desired.

Perplexity of the entourage at the beginning, sidelong glances, questions not asked, the real friends asked them, got the real answers, and we moved on. We don't miss the others.

Some gossip in the neighborhood, jealousy, bitterness, morals blinded by dogma, but serenity ends up silencing the annoying ones.

The couple has not dissolved, it is still there, strong, serene, already reinforced by diving into the libertine world, it has grown even more, is even closer and more complicit, nothing is taken from whoever it is, everyone has even more. The trio transcended the duo but did not extinguish it.

One day, no doubt, it will end, but everything always ends one day...

Until then, let’s savor, enjoy, give thanks and take care not to harm.

Magnique ❤️ ❤️ 💜
Très joli texte, qui dit, sans dévoiler. Bravo pour le témoignage.
Joli témoignage,
Je crois que, quelque part, on aimerait toutes et tous vivre de tels moments
Une charmante soumise, couple amoureux, magnifique histoire d'amour réel ou virtuel, mais l'histoire est vraiment magnifique. Bravo à l'écrivain
J'adore ce que vous avez écrit c'est très sensuelle érotique et surtout avec plein de tendresse ❤️❤️❤️
Écriture sensuelle avec un côté coquin qui révèle une histoire cachée ou une histoire à vivre
Très beau texte continu
J'aime et c'est tellement beau et magnifique ça m'a donné la chair de poule une histoire aussi sublime qui te donne des frissons de la tête aux pieds
Une belle histoire à vivre,, tellement d'amour, tendresse, respect. Un petit rêve éveillé.
J'aime ce que vous avez écrit c'est très sensuelle érotique et en même temps avec beaucoup de tendresse
Une très belle histoire d'amour un vrai diamant.
Très émouvant et sensuel.
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