The Project-Ka libertine blog

Libertine life: Texts, ideas, images, emotions...

Teambuilding Dick Sainte Cécile

How to strengthen bonds at work...

Internet cafe Phenix hobby
image cyber cafe blog project ka

A cyber café where you don't just caress the keyboards...

The cure Dick Sainte Cécile
illustration ticket remedy blog project KA

A migraine? here is a remedy...

Bachelorette Party Dick Sainte Cécile & Karol
external illustration blog post KA project bachelorette party

A collaboration between Karol and Dick... the young girl knows how to make herself respected, it seems!

Teleo Dick Sainte Cécile

What happens in the early morning on public transport?

Body beauty Odelia
image blog project KA BDSM beauty body

When the mental sublimates the physical...

A Christmas Eve Dick Sainte Cécile
preview blog of the KA project - new year's eve

An unforgettable New Year's Eve...

To the rhythm of the wave LaurentCoquin84
the wave

When the wave takes you, it turns everything upside down, it invades you, fills you ... then withdraws ... until it overturns all your certainties


Swing diego

A short and intense text by Sarah...

Riad - Cap d'agde diego
Riad - Cap d'agde

An evening at the Riad ... indiscreet memories

Submissive and rebellious, a symphony for three diego
submissive and rebellious, unconditional love

From an author friend of the KA project, who wishes to remain anonymous.
A brief improvisation on submission and the love trio. Express story, fiction or reality? a bit of both probably

First post diego

This first post on the Projet KA presents the project, its objectives and its philosophy.

Project life
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