Can I control my geolocation?


Geolocation can be controlled by two parameters:

A - The shield button, at the bottom left of the screen,

B - The default geolocation parameter, in the profile/settings/Geolocation mode menu


The shield can be:

Green: This is HOME mode. I appear for everyone on my fallback point, the pictogram which represents me is surrounded by a shield in order to inform other users that I am a few hundred meters or a few kilometers from this point in reality. I activate this mode when I am at home, for example, to preserve its location. I can also activate it manually when I want to appear far from where I really am. In this case, however, I will not gain any experience points as long as the distance between my real position and my displayed position is greater than 10 km.

Blue: This is DESKTOP mode. I appear for everyone on a randomly chosen position within a radius of 300 to 500 meters around my real position. my pictogram then appears a little faded on the map.

Red: This is GAME mode. I appear at the precise place where I am. This is the mode I will select if I want to play, promote meetings, or allow other people to follow me.

When these modes are activated manually, the button appears surrounded by a red luminous halo

There is a fourth mode, called automatic. it is selected by bringing the shield button to grey.

This mode guarantees that, as soon as I enter my stealth zone, I am repositioned on my fallback point. When I am outside this area, I am either in GAME mode or in DESKTOP mode, depending on the default geolocation setting chosen


This is the mode that will be applied by default when you are outside your discretion zone:

DESKTOP mode or GAME mode.

HOME mode is not enabled by default. On the other hand, as mentioned above, it activates automatically when you are in your discretion zone if you have activated the automatic mode (activated by default when you register)

Discretion zone and fallback point

The secret zone is an area where you don't want anyone to locate you. This is usually the area around your primary residence.

You are asked to define it when you register, by selecting it on the map.

Warning, avoid centering it on your home. therefore choose a point a little to the side. Indeed, assuming that you are always geolocated, someone who assiduously follows your movements could end up determining the center of your zone of discretion. (It remains very unlikely, but nevertheless mathematically possible).

You can change it by going to the menu/my settings/my security settings/define your privacy zone.

You can also choose its radius, between 100 m and 10 km (this last value being reserved for less densely populated areas).</p >

By default, stealth zone radius is 300m


The fallback point is calculated automatically by our algorithm so that it is not in your discretion zone, but remains near.

What happens if I don't activate my geolocation?

In this case, the application does not receive your contact information. A message indicates this to you and you have a few minutes to reactivate them. Otherwise, you would no longer appear on the map, you would no longer see other users and you could no longer have any interaction with them.

During the time you have to reactivate them, you will be located at your fallback point.

We need to make sure your contact details are available for three reasons:

To manage your geolocation settings and position yourself on the map

To manage your interactions with other users

For security reasons: if you have activated a discreet mode (DESKTOP or HOME), we must ensure that the point where you will appear on the map is not not where you actually are

Do you keep contact details?

We only store your last known coordinates, and except in HOME mode, this is where you will appear on the map until you reconnect.

On the other hand, we do not keep any traceability of your routes and different positions during the session. Each time a new set of coordinates is sent to us, it replaces and erases the previous one.

Only the coordinates corresponding to your stealth zone and your retreat point are permanently saved.