The KA project

A social network for swingers

Little friends hello,

The Project-KA was born this summer, presented to the public for the first time with the support of the Libertine Federation, during an evening in Cap d'Agde; for the anniversary of Riad 5.

Suffice to say that some good fairies were leaning over his cradle...

It was designed two years earlier, by Diego and Sarah, a couple of libertines who, having a coffee on the terrace of a brasserie, wondered how to identify possible libertines who would sit on the same terrace, then imagine the playful side that there would be at such an impromptu meeting.

That's when the idea came up that we could help fate a little if we could see on a map where they are.</p >

The main idea of ​​the KA project was born.

We then had to think about the operational constraints: security, confidentiality, communication tools as well as all the resulting technical aspects, and then, since we has a map, you might as well use it to offer users the opportunity to discover the professionals of the libertine world around them, or much further afield.

Two years later, with the help of a motivated team of developers, a real social network was born, with members all over the planet. In mainland France of course, but also in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Réunion, Mauritius, Tahiti, and even Quebec.

We count today, 10 weeks after the launch, several hundred registered profiles, as many libertines in couples or alone who can exchange, discuss, mark "spots" a little (or very ...) hot, organize events and meet in complete safety.

More than 750 establishments are also listed throughout Europe and beyond, with a presentation sheet and a link to their website. There are clubs and saunas of course, but also shops, physical or online, bars, restaurants, hotels, cabarets, campsites, service providers (dancers, party organizers, etc.).

Several partners or friends already support this project: the Libertine Federation and Riad 5, which we have already mentioned, but also the Xstyle boutique, Kungs un kundze, Ko & Kine, Odyssée Charnelle, Lollipop Tahiti, the Be one bar, the S Club, the erotic fair in Albi and others are joining us.

We develop the project regularly, by improving the present functions or by proposing new ones, we sometimes organize club evenings (the last one was held this weekend at S club in Lombers and was memorable) and we are at your disposal to build this social network with you and make it stick to your needs and desires.

We hope to see the growth of a benevolent and friendly libertine community, open to everyone, without restriction or consideration of gender or orientation, provided that they are free-spirited and of manners.

Welcome to the KA project and meet some great people.






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