Security is somewhat in the DNA of the team behind the KA Project. Whether protecting information systems, people, personal data, your exchanges or your privacy, this is a constant concern for us.

The libertine moments should not be disturbed by worries or inconveniences related to insecurity.

We obviously won't go into the details of all our procedures, but know that this is a subject that we treat as a priority. We'd rather offer you a feature that's not quite complete than a feature that's not quite secure.

We use various tools for this purpose: cryptography, systematic authentication of access, multiple backups for "IT" security. For example, contrary to what some sites practice, your album photos are inaccessible without authorization, even if you know the url. It is therefore impossible to find them on the web without your explicit consent.

This is also the case for files that you exchange on conversation threads. They are only accessible, under access control, to their recipients exclusively.

Regarding personal data, you may have seen or will see by registering that we do not ask you for any information that we do not absolutely need.

This information is stored in a cryptographically protected database.

The functions that we offer also allow you to protect your privacy, by the mandatory implementation of a discretion zone for example, or by activating by default when you first connect the most protective settings (automatic mode).

Future fun functions (tracking, "treasure hunt" games, etc.) can never be activated without prior information and agreement of the "target".

We are working on additional security features. For example, to secure appointments, with on-demand recording of the history of the contact details of a person who wishes to ensure their protection for a first appointment, or even an alert button.

Finally, you have blocking or reporting functions if someone's behavior towards you does not comply with libertine practices.< /p>

In short, we absolutely want you to have the best possible time within this libertine community that we are building with you.

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic, please let us know.