Display of my profile card

From the menu , Profile/My profile

To the right of the nickname, a slider allows you to select the view offered to visitors or the view I have on my own file.

This ensures that we are displaying what we want to visitors.

The stylized diamond and the two chevrons are not used at this time. They will later be activated to score experience points acquired through the use of the application.

The presentation sentence does not really have a size limit, but it is advisable to reduce it to a few words to air out the presentation.

In a few weeks, an additional presentation will be available and will allow a longer text in addition to this catchphrase.

The Love Pokes box shows how many love pokes I received and sent

The visits button allows me to see the list of people who have visited my file

Then followings and followings respectively indicate the number of profiles to which I am subscribed and which are subscribed to me. To tell the truth, this function will be mainly used in the future, when the news boxes will appear. It will also allow, for example, to follow someone's activity, for example when he registers for an event (always under his control)

Then we have the general profile and the individual files

The general profile indicates practices and research, as well as the languages ​​spoken.

These elements can be used to filter searches.

Individual records:

Individual records provide details about profile members.

They are very useful to allow other members of the network to know you better.

There are as many as there are people in the profile, so you can have a solo profile, a couple profile or a trio profile.

By default, they are named from the nickname, completed by a number (1, 2, 3).

You can of course modify these names and replace them with first names, nicknames or whatever you want.

It is in these individual sheets that we will find information on the physique, tobacco, alcohol (which we remind you to consume in moderation ;-), if only to avoid lapses during encounters... ).

These elements are not filterable during searches.

You can add or deactivate individual files if the composition of the profile changes. Be careful in this case to also modify the type of profile if necessary.

Can I change my nickname?


You can change the pseudonym in the Profile / My profile menu, then using the profile editing button at the bottom right of the screen.

There is also a shortcut by clicking on the profile picture.

The first editable field is the nickname. It can be changed at will. People with whom we are in contact will be informed of the change by a notification.

Attention, only the pseudonym changes. The connection identifier will remain unchanged.

How do I change my profile picture?

Clicking on the profile picture opens the profile editing menu.

You can also access it via the main menu / profile / My profile / then the profile modification button at the bottom right.

The second editable field is the profile picture.

By clicking on it, you access the folder where the images are stored on the terminal used.

Select the one you want to use, validate your choice, then use the resizing grid that appears to crop your image.

Commit image changes, then commit profile changes again,

Your new profile picture is now available.

Why does my profile appear incomplete when I have completed everything?

Most likely is that you haven't changed the title of your individual listings.

By default, when you register, these files are created when you register and named according to the model "your nickname 1", "your nickname 2", .. .

You must modify these names to replace them with the nicknames or first names of the people who make up the profile. Failing this, the modifications made to the individual sheets are not taken into account for the calculation of the filling of the profile.