How do I create my album?

From the main menu, under the "Profile" tab, then "My albums" and then "create an album"

Give a name to the album and if you wish, you can describe its contents.

Finally, choose whether this album will be public (so visible to anyone who visits your profile), or private (visible only to people you have authorized to see it).

Validate this new album and a message tells you that it has been created. the application then takes you back to the "My albums" page, where you can now see your new album, either in the public space or in the private space, according to your choices.

Click on the album to open and feed it.

At the bottom of the screen, you have the following 5 buttons:


KA project album edit buttons

The left button allows you to upload your files.

You can load several simultaneously.

The second button allows you to enlarge the album, and in particular to modify its degree of confidentiality (public or private)

The third allows you to share the album with your contacts, groups or individually chosen profiles.

The fourth gives access to the list of people who have been granted access to the album, and allows to revoke these accesses.

Finally, the last is used to delete the album.


Are the contents controlled?

Yes, and no!

No, because we do not access your content directly. They belong to you and our internal rules strictly prohibit such access.

Yes, because the legal framework forces us not to promote or encourage prostitution, and our moral rules converge with the legal framework to fight against child pornography.

Repeated reports could lead us to authorize a direct control, according to very strict traceability procedures.


What types of files can I put in my albums?

Images, videos and sound files

What is the file size limit that I can put in my album?

200 MB and probably a little more, but don't overdo it ;-)!

Who can see my albums?

When you set an album as public, anyone connected can see it.

When you set it to private, only people you have given access to can see it.

In addition, and unlike many other sites, we have implemented real access control to your images. That is to say that even if we know the address (url) where an image of your album is saved, we cannot access it without control. Everywhere on the web, only the people you have authorized to access it will be able to do so. This is not the case, again, with many other sites.

Can someone steal my images?


As on all sites, as soon as you allow someone to see your images, they can copy them, take a screenshot, or find any other process to save them.

Anyone who promises you it won't be possible... is lying to you!

That's why we preferred to give you the possibility to exchange quality images, knowing that it is your responsibility to know to whom you give access.

We don't want to give you false security guarantees when it's not actually possible.

On the other hand, what we assure you is that no one other than those to whom you have given authorization to see your images will be able to access them.< /span>

Your interlocutors will be able to download your images, which allows you to exchange large files with your partners, without going through platforms whose confidentiality is not warranty.