January 2, 2023

Christmas Eve

blog illustration of the KA New Year's Eve project

It's almost eight o'clock and I still don't know what we're going to do for New Year's Eve.

However, I fully trust him to surprise me, even if he still hasn't come to pick me up.

When we talk about the wolf, he just sent me a very cryptic message.

You haven't opened all your Christmas presents I believe, so go check the top drawer of your dresser.

I recognize him well and it is with a smile on my face that I enter my room.

A smile that widens when I discover a dark silk pocket closed with a scarlet ribbon to which is attached a small tag.

Open  me!

It looks like an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland and I hesitate a bit before untying the knot. Into which universe will the content project me? My curiosity got the better of me and, feverishly, I discovered a thin steel necklace that I hastened to put around my neck. The guy was right, he's exactly my size, squeezing me just enough so that, even from a distance, I feel his grip. However, I am not at the end of my surprises. The pouch also contains a belt, also metal and just as suitable for my morphology, as well as a small card.

Here's all I'm asking you to wear for tonight, you have carte blanche for the rest.

I still don't know what our New Year's Eve will consist of but things have just taken a turn that I really like and I'm looking in my wardrobe for something that could do justice to these gifts. Underwear? It would break the line and I decided to do without it, setting my sights on a pair of hold-up stockings, a black bustier that made my chest puff up, and a low-waisted skirt short enough so that nothing was ignored. what happens below. A pair of pumps with vertiginous heels, after all I don't think I'm going to spend much time on my feet, a coat so as not to catch a cold if we have to go out and here I am ready just when the doorbell rings.


I open it. He enters and lays his coat on the back of the sofa. He's crazy classy with his white shirt and black pants that look like they're sewn on him, they're so tight and, just looking at him, I feel my crotch becoming sticky with desire while he thrusts his tongue in my mouth. I stick my belly to his, he gets hard but slowly takes me off him.

  • Not now Princess, not here, and the party is just beginning. However, I have to blindfold you for the journey.

Subjugated and curious, I let him pass me a satin headband before he puts my coat on my shoulders and walks me outside. We take a few steps and I hear the sound of a door opening. I let myself be guided with great care to sit down without ceasing to think that, in this posture, my kitty is exposed and that anyone passing in the street would have a bird's eye view of it, which excites me enormously. .

The trip doesn't take very long but I couldn't figure out where we were going. He deploys the same luxury of attentions to get me out of his vehicle and I feel that we pass a heavy door which closes behind us. A few more minutes walking through endless corridors and he finally unblinds my eyes.

  • We've arrived, open your eyes!

We are in a boudoir, draped in red and dimly lit, in the center of which sits an impressively large bed. I can't help but think of the number of people who could fit in it. The answer suddenly appears to me when a door opens at the back of the room. They are ten, no, eleven males, naked as on the first day and hung like gods until they have between their legs.

  • I chose them especially for you, virile but caring and, above all, with full purses because I know you like it.

I don't have time to thank him. I find myself swept away in a maelstrom of pleasures in which I no longer know where to turn. First of all, it's as if a twenty-armed octopus was caressing my whole body and I literally feel myself sinking under these delicious assaults. Then come the first tails. I try to swallow in turn all those that come before me and delight in this orgy of barley sugars.

  • Can I?

The one who spreads my legs with an almost tender gesture is cute enough to eat and I'm happy to offer him the first of my pussy. He puts his hands on either side of my face and sinks into me with a straight and resolute thrust. I heave a sigh of satisfaction as he squirms above me, quickly smothered by the large glans that another presses against my lips and I hasten to swallow.

Then I lose count of the genders drilling me, first one after the other, then simultaneously. All my orifices are taken by the group and I spare no effort to get them in and out one after the other. The air smells of stupor, lube and perspiration but still no cum because these gentlemen never seem to want to cum any more than my man looking at us caressing himself.

I'm starting to get tired and my holes are on fire when a chime begins to sound its first "ding". Was this the signal they were waiting for? They take turns standing in front of me and flooding my face with long spurts of thick semen. I have it in my hair, on my cheeks, on my lips, and I have to wipe my eyes to see my lover come last and slip his cock down my throat just before drinking his seed I drink until the last drop.

I collapse, sated and drunk with pleasure. The men disappear as they came leaving us alone. My accomplice takes me against him and kisses me, lapping up all the cum mixed on me.

  • I loved your twelve strokes of midnight my darling.
Sensualité, chaleur, émotions, sensations... un très beau texte, particulièrement excitant.
Quelle cadeau !!!
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