Subscription? are we talking about money here?

Yes, a little, we will have to talk about it at one time or another. We are a small team who have been carrying out this project for more than two years, and one day, yes, we would like to be able to make a living from it.

Especially since to maintain a quality of service, it will be necessary to invest in a technical infrastructure at one time or another

The good news is that we don't have fancy tastes. So the price will be reasonable. Much more reasonable than others…. But hey, we're like everyone else, we'd like to put a little butter in the spinach, gas in the tank (ouch, that's more expensive) or heating in the house (OK, here we are frieze luxury).

So yes, it will pay off one day, but not right away. We will notify you in advance, so that you have time to save some money...

Let's say it will happen when we consider both the app is mature and feature-rich enough to be salable, and enough of you have joined us so that the interest for you is obvious.

Not everything is defined yet, but the outline will be as follows:

Paying the same rate for men, women and couples. Indeed, our vision is egalitarian and we believe that everyone should pay the same price for the same service.

Referrals will earn points which may lead to free periods. As we are not close to our pennies (in any case we do not have any), we will rather speak of free months than of weeks.

The free commitments made to all those who have helped us from the start to carry out this project, by participating in it, by making it known, by registering among the first to wipe the plasters and do the tests will of course be honored, and with immense gratitude.